The planet earth is blessed with millions of unique and different species, making the planet beautiful. They leave not a single chance to fascinate us with their qualities. Be it children or adults, both love to go zoo to get a glimpse of them. Few may wish to keep few pets in their home as well. But, is it safe? Are you knowledgeable enough to take good care of them? That’s the question one should keep their focus on while thinking of bring them to your home. They may make your home dirty or may harm children. But like always, you can’t have control on your wants every time. Guess what, we have a solution for you. Why not bring in Sculptures of animals to your home, which may not only fulfill your wishes but also bring in some class and style to your home. 


Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures we see in our everyday lives. Being sculpted in the brass metal, makes it one of the most incredible décor item. Sand casting method is being used to craft this statue which makes the bird look more expressive. Artists have crafted this glorious statue using sand casting method. The pose of the beautiful duck makes your home décor more vibrant. Buy these cute animal figures for sale to denote romance and love luck. 

Marble Duck

As we know, different materials are being used to make sculptures of similar species, making it in more unique way. Have a look at this Marble made ducks which Erudite grace with a clue of raw exoticism states our Onyx desk and shelf clock with the Onyx ducks engaged on both the sides and in the center lies the Onyx marble clock. This is the impeccable product you would love to pursue, adding prettiness to your desk or shelf that might have been looking incomplete for some time. This stone animal statues distinctive and beautiful piece of art is intended by experienced craftsmen in order to add grace to the area where it will be placed.


Elephants are one of the giant animal we have ever seen. They are always declared to bring good fortunes if its model is kept inside your home. Not a huge model, but yes small in size but big in look wise. Bring in this outdoor animal elephant model, made with wood which will be a pleasant addition to your decor. This wood sculpture has everything to be a hand-fashioned effort of art. 

Marble Elephant:

Elephant statues are popular worldwide as they are the symbol of strength, power, stability and wisdom. If you are wondering to have this giant animal into your home then just take a look at this adorned elephant. It is made of green onyx Marble, hence giving it a unique touch and making it quite high-class. Entirely smooth and shiny, this amazing marble sculptures is something, which is flawless to decorate your home or workplace. 


Cats are one of the most cutest creatures we have ever seen. Children and Adults, both love to have them around their home. Being a pet animal, we are may be allowed to keep them with us, but do you think that you are safe enough? probably not, as it can bring some harmful effects. To continue your love for these cats, why don't you bring in this metallic cat, who has ferocious appearance. The features that is put into this famous cat sculpture is perfect. It makes a best gift for your love ones and a superlative item for office or home décor. 

Marble Bull:

You are shifted to a new home and filled it with various décor items but still feeling incomplete then, go for this lavishly designed Marble bull which gives it a shine and pleasant look. It can be sited on a table to be showcased out in the open or situated in a shelf. Exclusively handmade and carved out with great care by our experts, this home décor item has a unique touch. This best marble sculpture  is smooth and glossy that when lights fall upon it, it offers immense pleasure to the eye.


Transform the look of your home or office with this classic piece of art. This Rhino horn sculpture is extraordinarily beautiful animal figurine captures the wildness of safari animals. The charmingly crafted Rhino sculpture is a great accent piece and a flawless addition to any shelf, tabletop or workplace space. Experience the taste of class and perfection.

Marble Rhino:

An imposing sight on the grassy plains of Africa, the rhinoceros is captured in all his nobility in shining Marble. Stylish elegance states our center piece Rhino. This green onyx marble rhino is one of the perfect product made by our skilled craftsman. Modern marble sculptures is more shiny and smooth that where ever it may be placed, it will completely change the aura of the room.


Utterly gorgeous Turtle animal sculpture is radiantly hand crafted and completed master’s craftsman. We have been producing and bring to you the supreme crafted art of the best quality with attractive textures and patterns. Detailed hand carved Hawaiian sea turtle will enhance a tropical touch to your décor.

Marble turtle:

This skilled worker ensemble of masterfully made showpiece displays a matchless level of erudition. Prepared of onyx green natural marble. It’s perfect design and smooth, glittery surface makes it an eye-catching statement piece of art to be used to decorate your office room or home. This antique marble sculpture is entirely delicate and given final touches by coating a layer of luster permitting it to sparkle especially when placed under light, the showpiece viewed to dance in an aura of shine. 

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