Chess Figures - All Classic And Exquisite

April 15, 2017

Chess Figures - All Classic And Exquisite

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics which can be used to trap opponent’s king. Set chess board and figures come in different varieties and colors and it solely depends on you to fulfill your need according to your requirement. In a classic game of Chess two players begin the game with 32 chess set figures which are made with different material, design and style. A joyful chess set pieces will be treasured for years and you can offer your set a completely new appearance by changing multiple styles with a chess board set you already own. RADICALn is here to help. Our professionals have put together the following guide to help you in your purchasing decision. Enjoy!

White and Green Onyx Chess Figures

Beautifully handcrafted, chess pieces set up with finest quality White and Green Onyx chess figures exhibits the royal charm with an artistic appeal. The White pieces are naturally varnish, while the dark pieces are more attractive, bold Green color! Balanced, durable and inexpensive which makes it the unique chess sets. The richness of finish and attention to detail contribute to the success of the beautiful products. Get this unique set of chess pieces today at a terrific price. It is idyllic not only for gaming purposes but can be also used as a creative decor item.

Toscano Legendary Celtic Warriors Chess Figures

Its look like you are still confuse what to buy? Well, we are bringing the fabulous Celtic Warriors large chess set pieces designed with bold dragons, magical wizards, brave knights, powerful horses, tall towers and last but not the least fair maidens. Each pieces of a chess set are individually hand-painted by experts in order to add ultimate shine and delicate look. It makes your wooden chess set and game of chess worthwhile as well as serve the purpose of being an exclusive and profound decor item. They are smooth and glossy that whenever light falls upon them, they offer immense pleasure to the eye.

Black and White Chess figures

Though, a marvelous beauty to bestow you with, build a chess set with handmade marble chess figures. The striking look of these fascinating 32 hand crafted chess figures takes this chess piece to another level in terms of an exceptional artwork. Setting up chess pieces will make your game every bit of worthy and amusing, these black and white chess set fulfills the promise of bringing you ultimate comfort, having a distinctive guise as well as an endearing nature. A perfect addition to your home and workplace decor.

Dragon Chess Figures

The remarkable 3D fantasy Dragon-themed chess figures are exceptionally detailed chess set figures that incorporates heavy and historically perfect modern chess set. The unique chess figures puts you in control of a squad of dragon warriors. This marble chess set is made of high quality material which features pewter pieces with a Polynesian base making them striking, durable and exciting to use. The prominent look of these figures takes this large wooden chess set to another level as far as an outstanding fine art is concerned.

Fossil Coral and Black Figures

This artisan ensemble of masterfully crafted pieces in a chess set exhibits a supreme level of sophistication. It’s flawless design and smooth, shiny surface, set up chess board a fine piece of art to be used to decorate your workplace or home. This masterpiece chess set is utterly delicate and given final touches by brushing a layer of gloss allowing it to sparkle especially when placed under light, these antiques Chess sets figures seem to dance in an aura of luster. Pleasant for all the chess fanatic and chess collectors out there. Set up chess, not only this will change the way you play your chess game but also make it entirely worthy and cheerful.

Giant Chess Figures

These Black and White 25 inches tall chess figures are made of rugged, waterproof and UV resistant injection molded plastic to keep them safe for many years ahead. You can enjoy this game in every season whether heavy rainfall or severe cold. The giant pieces will inspire children to play wherever they want. Although the game of chess is attractive and interesting enough but if you are lucky enough to use this masterwork, it will make your game worthy and joyous. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance and order these splendid work of art now!

Black and Golden Chess Figures

Setting up a chess board that makes your game every bit of worthy and amusing, these type of chess set pieces fulfills the promise of bringing you ultimate comfort, having a distinctive guise as well as an endearing nature. A perfect addition to your home or workplace decor, this artwork having a glittering shine and astounding style will receive a note of appreciation from all those visiting your home. Chess set marble for all chess devotees and collectors, this elegant chess set will bring an essence of delight and joy in your life. Buy marble chess set masterpieces now at affordable rates.

Shakespeare and the Globe Chess Figures

The famous poet of Elizabeth times, William Shakespeare died 400 years ago but still children are reading his inspiring poems. To pay the tribute to his remarkable work the studio Anne Cartlon considered that a chess set figures on the theme of the poet would be very much appreciated and admired by their buyers. Moreover, it includes the group artistes, actors and entertainers living in London in Elizabeth times. The usage of crushed stone poly resin build up this cool chess sets while giving it an overall exquisite look. These handmade chess set Figures are made with immense care and expertise to make it outshine the other ordinary DIY chess set pieces and offer it an elite nature.

Ancient chess set are amazing but with the passage of time modern art gives the artist more freedom in technical execution as well as concept expression and arrangements of design elements. Therefore, we have discussed above some chess set modern figures exhibited by different experts. It’s time now to re-enjoy the classic game with these wonderfully manufactured figures.

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