August 04, 2017


As many people say, Home is where the heart is which explains why we spend so much our money, time and intellect to make it a worth place to live. Its summer time fellas and what better way you have than to bring in some shade of coral for your place. Coral is a mixture of orange red and pink, bringing in warmth to make a perfect bold statement. Anyone of you, planning to have a house with theme color, you just came to the right place. Let’s start expressing our choices for home décor item of color – Coral. 


Now the time has evolved, home is not only considered to live but it more tells about your personality. However, this handmade marble coral ship clock will help you leave a good impression on others, and without another doubt, you will be now your guest’s interior designer. This master piece coral chess set home decor can serve as a beautiful gift to your friends and loved ones, and surely they will adore it even appreciates your choice. At last, a big salute to its makers as this item is shaped with such perfection in a context of its design as well as texture and even if this item amazes you, hard work of our makers will pay off.

Fossil Coral and White Marble Chess Set

Family time should be one of the most important part of your daily schedule. Invite your entire family at your place, take out this beautiful coral and coral marble chess game and let the game begin. Feature which makes me amazed is that this entire Fossil Coral and White chess set is hand crafted so no personnel compromise in perspective of design, color or finishing. Not only at your residence, but you can also easily carry them for picnics, as well as on night stays at your friend’s place.

Coral Love

Some one has very cleverly quoted as “A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.” Dear man, that doesn’t give you license to make your lady mad. And in case if you dare, we are here to secure you. From forgetting her birthday to get to pick her up, from ignoring her existence to disobey no matter what the situation, this love coral present with sweet gesture will surely help you to calm her down in every circumstances. The show piece is made with a layer of gloss that further enriched his appearance and makes it shine. 

Black and Fossil Coral Marble Chess Set

Chess set is not only to invite your strategic skills against opponent but it can also be a unique object to decorate your place. This black and fossil coral will be a valuable addition to your home interiors. Not only as home decor but surely, it will be a dream come true item especially for those who shares real passion for games. The elegantly crafted Coral chess set has a deep and attractive appearance which also easily matches with rest of your interiors.

Coral Cup

As a reader, have you ever thought why we always write our blogs on marble products? It’s because marble is one of the best ways to enhance the décor of your place. One common thing is a clock which features in all. However, every design is completely different with another, and undoubtedly its biggest praise goes to our makers who had completed it with proper finishing.This coral cup is elegantly crafted with onyx to increase its beauty and the touch of polish has been given to make them more shine. The item is packed with multiple layers to ensure its safety. And surely, this handmade marble item will leave a good impression on others.

Fossil Coral and Dark Brown Marble Chess Set

Coral is a color of passion even many people believes it to be good and those personnel who gives priority to coral over other color can prove to be a master stroke. This coral chess set not only serve as a home decor but it can also be gifted to your dear ones and surely, they will appreciates your choice which gives biggest pleasant feeling.  At last, “chess is not always about winning. Sometimes it’s simply means learning and so is life”.

 Fossil Coral and Black Marble Chess Set

George Bernard has beautifully quoted as “progress is impossible without change, and those who can not change their minds cannot change anything.” People of today’s era has welcome innovations and ideas with a big hug and that’s the reason, today we had so much advancement in every field particularly chess game. Same as if we compare traditional coral chess set with the current one have many features have been evolved in perspective of size, designs of its figures, deep and shiny.  An entirely handmade coral chess set will surely be a priceless addition to your gaming zone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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