March 15, 2018


Everyone make their New Year resolution in order to improve their selves from last year and adopt new things to satisfy your inner you. RADICALn also thinks the same way. With the start of 2018, we came up with an idea of introducing affordable home decor yet striking artifact at the same time, which is not only beautiful but can also be part of your daily use. No matter if you are a room Messier or seeking to organize your self or looking for making your moment exceptional, our new arrival marble item is all up to serve you in every circumstance. Without much talking, let’s have an eye on our new influx products.


Someone has very cleverly stated as “tequila is not the question, in fact, they are the answer to all your questions.” Put down your tequila glass, not because we are encouraging you not to drink – don’t be silly - but because you are probably cheating whatever tequila is in that glass. The wrong glass can take your entire tequila experience to worst. Glassware means a lot when it comes to how you taste and it all about your justice with tequila. We never intended to make any of our viewers stuck in such circumstance. Therefore, these tequila shots are up here to assist you best. These shot glasses made with most exceptional quality of green onyx along with marble stone which adds extra elegance and shine to a product.  These glasses of set 2 can also gifted to your dear ones, friends and sincere tequila lover. They will surely adore these glasses. It will offer you lifetime wonderful tequila experience whose pleasure is nowhere faded out. It also accompanied in your every dining time where your entire family or squad can gather relaxing out a stressful day. It’s high time to experience real tequila feel.


Are you an individual who believes in decorating home? Looking for affordable home decor? Seeking ways for making your moments exceptional?  If you ever faced such question marks then surely these set of 2 candle holder seems to be a blessing to you. It is the best combo of beauty and useful feature while its digested price makes this item even more demanding. These candle holders manufactured from rich quality of green onyx, and each piece is separately hand polished by our experienced professionals, and it comes out from an excellent process of its making. This pillar candle holder comes with a free wax, and it possesses weight of 10 ounces. They are easy very to use, and it can cleaned with a wet cloth and easy to carry wherever it needed. It will surely take your sweet home dates and candlelight dinners a memorable moment forever. It can also gifted to your dear ones, family member, and close friends. They will undoubtedly appreciate your effort of bringing these candle holders. Don’t wait for special occasions to surprise dear ones, amaze them now and make it particular.


To the average cigarette smoker, the world is his ashtray. Just imagine you are in a public place and you are doing your regular smoking which is already giving headache and besides your ashes are also leaving the marks of your smoke. Well, it forces your dear ones to hate you, and that does not seem to be cool. If you ever faced such circumstance, this marble ashtray is all here to give you a hand. A pictured ashtray made from most exceptional quality of green onyx along with marble which performs its core role of adding extra beauty to a product.  You are now in a much better position to avoid your ashes embarrassment and keep your environment healthy and bearable for others. Each of ashtrays is hand polished, and it is a result of a day-night effort of our experienced professionals. This marble ashtray can be presented as a gift to your colleagues, smoker friends. A pictured ashtray is easy to use, and it can wash from wet cloth, and they are much lighter in weight so you may carry them for outside use. This ashtray also served as a home and office desk decor and sure to be centerpiece decor and most eye capturing artifact from bunch of items.


It never happened to me that bringing candies to work, and having a candy dish on my desks are the form of networking. To be successful at networking, you have to be likable and offering candies are the best way to step up. Who doesn’t like candy during a terrible day? Well, this marble candy holder is here to carry all your sweets. Not only that, but it also helps you to hold your small office supplies like stapler pins, keys and much more. Displayed candy holder made of the most exceptional quality of green onyx along with marble raw material which adds extra elegance to a product. The lid performs the role of saving your stuff from dust and keeps your marble candy holder clean and hygienic. It has a height of 2.8 inches while the width of 4 inches. This candy holder comes in a safe and fragile packaging to ensure its perfect product delivery. You were having a tough day or tiered from deadlines take this candy holder out and enjoy the pleasure of sweetness. It also served as innovative home decor and can also be presented as a gift to your dear ones, friends, colleagues and much more.  


Like most of the other people, my desk is never clean. I keep everything where I can see blank space. The file could bury me if the strong wind blew up. Through this jumble, there is only one thing I can keep my eye on which is the paperweight. I was tired to be named as mess keeper and realize that it’s high time to keep yourself and stuff organized. If you have any such headaches too, then this paperweight is our best recommendation to you. This marble paperweight also made from the high-grade quality of onyx along with marble which adds extra beauty to a product.  You are now in the much better position to display your cubicle much-digested place to breathe in, and you can show your organized image to your colleagues. It can be gifted as to your dear friends, family members, colleagues and even to your loved one. It also served as an innovative centerpiece table decor and also be a part of your kid’s study time. They are little substantial in weight with the only purpose to secure your necessary documents. There are higher chances now to show your positive and disciplined image to your boss which inevitably helps to leave the good impression on him/her.    


Just imagine that you have prepared an excellent and tasty meal for your wife or dear one, with all your own. You also set up a romantic table decoration, and at last moment, you realized that you forgot the essential item which is candles. It can take your entire mood into worst one, and you always feel guilty for missing mandatory stuff.  Well, we never wanted you, people, to compromise in any of your moment. Therefore, this candle holder set of one is here to assist you best. Can you imagine candle without a holder? It gives an extreme charm to your home accessories, it provides an incredible look and amazes when someone fined it in your place, and they will at least take one notice. The entirely handcrafted candle holder manufactured from finest quality of green onyx. While marble has been used in its core which goes well with rest of your home interiors. This pillar candle holder is an adored combo of traditional look with a modern design and shine. Its digested price makes it even more worthy item to possess. This vintage candle holder inevitably takes your sweet dates a much memorable moment for lifetime. It can also use in religious events. It’s high time for smart shopping where instead of going for huge and expensive products; give a try to this marble candle holder and make it exclusive.


When it comes to decorating your home, a kitchen is a never forgetting room nowadays. It is not only a place where your meal is created, but it molds soul and mind of its members.  It is one of the most noticing areas of your home and only place which has been gossiped at your back. Never give a single chance to onlookers to say a word about your favorite place. This set of 2 wine glasses is sure to be an innovative addition to your kitchen decor collection. Ask a lady for a movie date, take these wine glasses out, and makes it exceptional.  Not only for wine, but it can also assist you in your champagne and tequila moods. Each of the pieces is separately hand polished so that they can maintain their exclusivity concerning color and size. These set of 2 wine glasses comes under safe and fragile packaging to ensure its perfect delivery. They also accompanied in your every night meal, and definitely, it gives you always remembered wine experience. Now in every evening, take these marble wine glasses out of a closet, have a sip with your dearest one and let all your worries may disappear.

With a lot of discussions, our blog for new arrival product is finally on its end. We are very proud of our craftsman team as each of the above products is entirely handmade and their perfect look with flawless shine and design credit goes to them. We firmly believe in making our viewer’s life better by proving them products of superior quality which are not only a striking artifact but its digested prices makes it even more appealing product. And we are very proud that we somehow met our customer’s expectations. STAY CONNECTED for more upcoming marble home decor products. 


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