With the start of the year, we promised to introduce decorative item which admittedly can be a part of your daily lives and we are very proud that we are still going so strong for fulfilling that. This blog features all of our newly introduced kitchen and home decor. Let’s have an eye on each.

Spoon Rest

Now a day’s kitchen cleanness is highly valued so we present new marble spoon rest for your kitchen to prevent unnecessary fluids on your kitchen table

Taco Holder

We all love taco as much as you do so upgrade the presentation of your home cooked food with this marble taco tray. This looks much better than any five star hotels. It’s completely safe for grilling and baking purposes.

Swing Set


This is cultural wooden swing is heat, wind & termite resistant; thus, ideal for living rooms, rumpus rooms, lofts, balconies or any other indoor areas. It’s One seat that accommodates up to 3 people with the combined weight not increasing 250Kgs. Seat subsumes the same design of other components, even at the backrest, so smoothly polished that it doesn't irritate at all.Two side rods that connect the seat with the top frame with metals screws provided.One three-seater foam seat with two round and two square-shaped matching cushions.One top frame that connects both the pillars with metal screws provided, helps in keeping the alignment straight. This heavy frame holds the seat too.

Cutting Board


Your cutting boards are stained every time when you use are using it to cut anything but now no need to worry with these amazing marble cutting boards. Even it will look beautiful in your kitchen


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