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RADICALn Tea Coaster Set Stone Round Modern Western Coasters Set – Non Crystal and Non Square – Fancy Executive Camping coaster dining table set For Home & Kitchen Decor

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  • Need protection for your wood or glass table? Tiered from cleaning tea or coffee marks every time? Looking for some essential kitchen coffee decor? Well, this coaster set is all here to serve you. Now it’s high time to stop worrying about maintenance of your interior and just to enjoy a moment.
  • This top home decor coasters set of 6 is entirely handcrafted from the finest quality of black onyx while accompanied by marble. This non square coaster set is designed with a primary thought to provide comfortable tea time and essential kitchen decorations artifact. This marble coaster set said to be a portable product and so you can carry it for camping, hiking and even to your farmhouse.
  • Pictured coaster dining set featured comfortable bottom to move it around without any scratches or irritating noise. Each of the pieces comes from the subtle process of its making and separately hand polished to maintain its exclusive features. Modern and lightweight non crystal coaster set can hold extremely hot tea or coffee without any chance of its slip.
  • This drink coasters set can be gifted to your mother, friends, colleagues, dear one, tea or coffee lover or even to a mess maker. Non silicone coaster set can also be a part of your office decor for keeping your office supplies in one place. This mini home decor wine coaster set also accompanied as party decor in events like wedding, birthday celebration and much more.
  • This stone coaster set is an ultimate product those who seek for the clean countertop. Coaster table set gives you a long lasting service as made from the much durable material. This creative home decor cute coaster set is handmade item, therefore, color and design may vary with other. In case of inquiry or issue, our customer service team is all here to give you a hand.

“Tea is always a good idea” however now its time to enjoy it at the fullest with more stylish and classic way with our exclusive round coaster set. No matter if you are fond of hot tea, cold coffee or chilled drink; this cute coaster set is all up here to assist you. This black coaster set is entirely handcrafted while marble has also been used. Every time when you take a sip of drink, let’s not forget its main accessory which helps you in comfortable drinking and did not left their marks on your furniture or cloth. Each of the modern coaster set comes with a soft crock at their back, preventing any scratches on your infrastructure and feasible to move without any annoying noise. Crock coaster set are much lighter in weight. Being a perfect size you carry beach coaster set for outer use. This non rustic coaster set not only helps for your tea cup stand but you can keep your wine bottles too. This coaster set best referred for those who engaged in bar and hotel business. Beer coaster set can also be gifted to your family members, friends, dear one, colleagues. Car coasters set can also be a part of your side table decor, barware set, table pad which surely everyone admires. It’s high time to say to count every day and make it better from last.

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