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RADICALn Spoon Rest Handmade Marble Spatula Fork Ladle Utensil Rest - Cooking Spoon Organizer - Stove Top Chef Kitchen Tool Spoon Holder

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  • Clean Cooking – it’s high time to say NO to all your outdated kitchen utensil and ways of cooking. Bring this modern spoon rest so to prevent your top from all fluids and liquid dripping.
  • FINELY HANDCRAFTED: Pictured ladle spoon rest completely handmade marble with gentle curve and angel slope helps in saving from stirring and dropping. Ideal size so drip catcher spoon organizer fits all cooking utensils such as forks, BBQ brushes, chopsticks, ladles, strainers, coffee spoons, spatulas, tongs etc.
  • STRONG HOLD: This utensil rest has a long resting area with stiff handle for comfortable functioning with sturdy bottom so it won’t slip while usage and can work on every type of countertop material. Also stove spoon rest can take hot utensils right from pot. This chef spoon rest is Ideal for keeping multiple kitchen tool.
  • KITCHEN DECOR: Marble spoon rest is surely one great table display for keeping your daily mini item. Spatula rest can be utilized as a serving tray for candies and sweets. For people engaged in bar and restaurant work, this spoon rests is a must to go for.
  • PACKAGING & AFTER SALE: Comes in very safe and fragile packaging allowing item to be delivered in 100% perfect condition. For any queries regarding item, we accept 30 days replacements/Return within 30 days after item is delivered.

Today’s kitchen decor is tomorrow’s blessing. No one wants their favorite place of home to be a messy one even if you have OCD or not. With our cooking spoon holder, you can finally have a clean cooking. This spoons organizer is entirely handcrafted with the fine quality of onyx while marble has also been used in its core. If you have more use of spoon, forks; you always look for a place where you can conveniently place them. Not only because of cleanliness but to keep your countertop and stove area safe without any fluid dropping. This kitchen spoon rest is a sure gadget you go for. Ideal size is best for every kitchen and lighter weight allows you for convenient using. Exquisite design, clean finish surface, and well balanced handle base. No worry about scratching your stovetop or counter. Ladle holder has huge resting space and it is wide enough for holding multiple utensils at same time.

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