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RADICALn Wine Bottle Chiller Tabletop Marble Wine Chillers Bucket 5x5x6.5 Inch” - Home Décor & Kitchen Decoration – Wine Cooler – Best for Utensil & Stationery holder, Flower Vase

White (WZ-03)
  • MATERIAL AND SIZE: This wine chillers is manufactured from the most exceptional quality of onyx. In addition, rich amount of marble has been used in home wine chiller which adds extra beauty to a product. This wine chiller bucket possesses height of 6 inches and diameter of 5 inches.
  • USE AS UTENSIL HOLDER: Pictured wine chiller holder can also be used as a kitchen utensil holder. Complete your kitchen with an essential accessory of utensils holder. This utensil holder case featured Idyllic size of for any kitchen which won’t take much counter space.
  • IDEAL FOR FLOWER VASE: Can be used as marble flower vase particularly bringing an artifact which offers the unique and original way of decorating your home. Flower vase decor featured thick bottom & weighted base to ensure durability and proper balancing.
  • STATIONERY HOLDER: This stationery pen holder helps you to keep your stuff in one place. It can be a useful study decor to make your kids’ study time much fun.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Pictured bottle wine chiller is bit heavier in weight. As travel wine chiller is a handmade item therefore color and design may vary with another. You can contact us to our customer service team for any before purchase inquiry till after sale service.

Throwing a big wine party is not enough until and unless you not prepared with necessary party decor and wine accessories. The most important intention of a host is to leave an artistic impression on the guest and always wants them to come back for one more last glass. Our handcrafted black onyx affordable home décor counter wine chiller is sure to assist in this motive. Now you are in a much better position to keep your wine, and even champagne bottles chilled as per your seeking temperature. This tabletop wine chiller manufactured from 100% black onyx with an ideal combination of marble which adds extra shine and beauty to a product. It is bit heavier in weight. This essential home decor best wine chiller sure to give you long lasting a good wine experience as it made from the much durable material. Each of the countertop wine chiller comes from a very fine process of its making. Pictured cabinet wine chiller can be gifted to your sincere wine lover; it surely brightens their day. Besides, marble wine chiller also accompanied in events like birthdays, bridal shower, bachelor party, groomsmen, graduation party and much more. Its perfect size offers an opportunity to keep it anywhere you want. Also, this fancy wine chiller is for multipurpose; it also served as a flower vase, stationery holder, fruits store and much more. This kitchen wine chiller is a day-night hard work of our professional workers and its proper functional characteristics credit goes to them. Its time, STOP WORRYING about party management and make it HAPPEN.

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