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ANTIQUE KRAFTS Wooden Carved Royal Three Seater Swing / Jhoola Made With Top Quality Rosewood

Dark Brown

Relax yourself with every swing on this 100% handcrafted best of its strength Chinioti Rosewood (Sheesham) jhoola set. Chinioti Rosewood (Sheesham) is known worldwide for its hardness, stability and durability. This hand-polished wooden swing set is an ideal combination of traditional Royal look with artistic beauty & texture that reflects in its carving throughout.

This traditional wooden swing is heat, wind & termite resistant; thus ideal for living rooms, rumpus rooms, lofts, balconies or any other indoor areas.

This wooden jhoola set contains no sharp edges thus makes it safe for all ages.

This artistic swing set by Antique Krafts consists of the following components:

  • Two heavy pillars with wide bottom for strong hold; tested to provide safe and stable seating.
  • One firm bottom base to be attached to the pillars with the metal screws provided.
  • One top frame that connects both the pillars with metal screws provided, helps in keeping the alignment straight. This heavy frame holds the seat too.
  • One seat that accommodates up to 3 people with the combined weight not increasing 250Kgs. Seat subsumes the same design of other components, even at the backrest, so smoothly polished that it doesn't irritate at all.
  • Two side rods that connect the seat with the top frame with metals screws provided.
  • One three-seater foam seat with two round and two square-shaped matching cushions.

Packaging includes two boxes:

  • First one contains pillars, top frame & bottom base
  • Other box contains the seat, side rods & cushion set.
  • Easy Assembly. Dimensions: 84"W, 36"D, 78"H






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