Handmade Marble Tournament Checkers Set

  • The essential contrast of White and Black ignites the elegant ambiance of this marble draughts board game.
  • The artisans’ handmade work with onyx marble; beautifully hand-crafted Checker Board and checkers pieces, displays natural hues of black and white square checkers Travel game.
  • The size of this tournament multiplayer checker game makes it the perfect home accessory for any space. checkers board being in a square shape of size 15 Inches while 32 circled checker pieces have around 1.25 inches diameter each.
  • Ideal portable board games for home decor and travel enthusiasts who want something unique, but still in a traditional style that makes play easy.
  • Great item for all ages. Take it for camping, picnic or backyard barbecue, and this fun board game for kids which can be used to play tic tac toe game or checker game is easy to carry as well while traveling but demands extra care being itself a very fragile item.

    Black and White
    White and Black
    £74.50 GBP
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