RADICALn Coaster Set Cup Pad 3.5 Inches Handmade Marble Pot Mat Monogr

RADICALn Coaster Set Cup Pad 3.5 Inches Handmade Marble Pot Mat Monogrammed Coasters Set for Mug Glass Drinks - Non Plastic Non Tile - Warming Stone Kitchen Caddy, Car, Office Drink Coaster Sets

  • KEEP YOU SAFE IN ALL DRINK: Spill of any drink on your top or trouser makes such an annoying and awkward situation, specially when you are in a public gathering. Well, with our affordable home decor wine coaster set, you can keep your cloths safe from all these hassels and enjoy a cup of drink, without any worries.
  • HIGH GRADE QUALITY: A pictured farmhouse 3.5 Inches coasters set is made from the finest quality of while marble has been used adding beauty to a product. Each of the marble coaster set plate is hand polished to maintain its exclusivity and it comes from the very fine process of its making
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This coaster dining set not only helps you for your tea cup holder but as a wine holder too. Even use it as a home décor, barware set, Table pads and office decor for keeping your small and regular use supplies. These non crystal coaster set are very best for people engaged in bar and hotel business. Coaster table set can be gifted in events like wedding, bridal shower, groomsmen and much more
  • This drink coasters set featured cloth felt bottom to protect your furniture texture. They will not mark any scratches when it moves. They are very lighter in weight and specially support for your family gatherings. Being a perfect size you can even use stone coaster set as a side table décor
  • TOP CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: As personalized coaster set is entirely handmade therefore color and design may vary other. We allow replacements and exchange within one month after product delivery. In case of before purchase inquiry till after sale service, out customer service team is all here to give you a hand.


Crock coaster set are much lighter in weight. Being a perfect size you carry beach coaster set for outer use. This non rustic coaster set not only helps for your tea cup stand but you can keep your wine bottles too. This coaster set best referred for those who engaged in bar and hotel business. Beer coaster set can also be gifted to your family members, friends, dear one, colleagues. Car coasters set can also be a part of your side table decor, barware set, table pad which surely everyone admires. It’s high time to say to count every day and make it better from last.

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