RADICALn Handmade Green Onyx Mini Wine and Tequila Glasses - Set of 3 Glass Ideal for Champagne and Tequila Shot Glasses – Suitable for Small Gathering and Home Decor Kitchen Set

  • Its time to say goodbye to all heavyweight and substantial wine glasses whose maintenance has been a challenge for you people. These small glass marbles are not only used for wine purposes but also convoy in your tequila shot and champagne moment.
  • These wine glasses are manufactured with the most exceptional quality of green onyx. Besides, the touch of marble material is in its core which enhances its shine and known for its heat resistant feature
  • Wine glasses set best accompany for your weekend’s small squad gatherings. And why only for the weekend, these marble tequila shot glass can give a pleasant end to your every night dinner. It also serves as an innovative gift idea for your drinker friend and also used as a kitchen décor. Best referred to gatherings like a bachelor party, graduation celebration, groomsmen and much more.
  • These set of 3 small wine glasses are entirely handcrafted whereas, it’s marble is a natural rock; therefore, each product might have slightly different color and design
  • These marbled glass set come under safe and fragile packaging to ensure its safety while in move. In case of any before purchase inquiry till after-sale service, we assure that our customer service team will assist each one of you individually

Whenever it comes to drinking, each has their taste and preferences over the types of wine glass. Well, most people prefer marble glass as they believe it to be a timeless elegance and marble have their natural glow which can brighten up the room and your mood too. For the same, these shot glasses are entirely handcrafted with the finest quality of onyx which is best known for its cost-effective feature. The Wine glass set are ideal artifact for individual who are engaged in bar, restaurant, night club business. These taquila glass set of 3 are not only for wine purposes but can be used for a small shot and in case of champagne mood. It’s high time to surprise your dear one who is addicted to wine; surely it can make their day. If you are a person who is not much fond of wine, well these mini wine glasses served as a home décor as well. It will be an eye-catching creation which everyone adores. It can make your every evening pleasant and make you stress-free from the tiring day. These marble drinking glasses are designed by our experienced craftsman considering single objective to enhance your wine and purchasing experience with us. They come under safe packaging to make sure about its perfect delivery during the commute. Still, in case of any query, you can contact us anytime and our team is here to serve you separately.


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