Handmade Marble Checkers Figures

  • ► These marble checkers pieces are entirely handcrafted while keeping its every detail and feature in mind. They mainly manufactured for the sincere lover of a checker game.
  • ► This complete set is suitable for 15 – 20 checkers board games. Well, in the context of diameter of each piece, it is of 1.5 inches.
  • ► This set of 32 draughts pieces not only offers you for a gaming purpose but also serve as a creative home décor or even a gift item. This will surely be a worth money spending product.
  • ► This item only possesses pieces. However, you may also contact us for a full game.
  • ► As marble is a natural stone color of each piece may vary with other. However, we undoubtedly possess satisfied and reliable return policy in case of any damage or loss to a product.
Black and white
White and green onyx
Red and coral
£32.50 GBP
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