RADICALn Paper Towel Holder Handmade Marble Kitchen Towels Rack Paper

RADICALn Paper Towel Holder Handmade Marble Kitchen Towels Rack Paper Roll Holder - Non Steel Non Plastic Wrapping Paper Holder Towel Dispenser - Hand Towel Rack Holder

Grey Oceanic
  • Forget all-steel tissue holders which might not be waterproof. Fully handmade with 100% marble allows you to keep it anywhere you need. It features high-grade quality of onyx. Circular Base has a diameter of 6 inches and the height of the stand is around 12.5 Inches. Heavy and sturdy base so that you can single-handedly tear tissue one at a time.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Nut and bolt are given in the center of the base and on the bottom of the stand. You just need to merge them and start to turn round either your base or stand and your paper towel is ready to use. It features felt bottom below the stand so that it won’t harm your table or countertop.
  • This paper towel holder is non rotating with the only objective of tearing tissues from where you exactly left. Also, it is a bit heavier in weight and completely dishwasher safe. It has strong and durable stand so it won’t slip while using.
  • Paper towel holder can take your regular and even jumbo size roll. Just keep your paper towel holder in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, dinner table, laundry room, play area. Besides tissue, it will also hold your watch, bangles, bracelets, regular ponytails and much more. In addition, it is easy to transfer from one spot to another where the need arises.
  • Color variation in the product is because of its unique marble features. In case of any replacements, you may contact our customer service team as we allow 30 days of time after product delivery.


Why waste your time on finding paper towel holder in cabinets when you can have an eye on them always. We designed a fully handmade tissue holder where you can single-handedly tear them one at a time. It is made from premium quality of onyx and 100% marble. No matter if the tissue roll is jumbo or regular, it can conveniently hold them. Beautifully crafted with easy functioning, completes the look of the kitchen. In times of cooking, kids’ messy artwork, outside playing, makeover this for sure will be on your list. It is available in varieties of colors. Felt bottom below the base allows smooth standing and easy transfer from one spot to another. In case of any more details, you may contact our customer service team and for replacements, we allow 30 days after the product delivered.

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