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RADICALn Phone Holder Acrylic 3 Compartments Tabletop Remote Control Holder, Organizers and Storage - Best Desk Pen Pencil Holder, Key Organizer and Home Office Desk Accessories - Non Leather

  • Done With Loosing Remotes?: Now you can keep your all kind of remotes right at one place and there is no worry of losing it again. This remote control holder allows you easy access and very convenient to move. NO REMOTES INCLUDED!
  • Best Quality Material: This control holder is made from the finest quality of Acrylic. The control holder is divided into 3 equal compartments. It gives you much space not only for remotes but it can also hold your daily used items like keys, earphones, cell phone, clips, chargers and more. It comes in secure packaging, covered in polyethylene plastic sheet.
  • Best for Office and Home Organizer: This control holder can also be used as a desk organizer for work and home. From stationery to utensils to cutlery it can grip almost everything. It is available in varieties of colors and design. It’s time to give a professional and clean look to counters.
  • Clean Making: This remote control holder has smooth edges. Also, Sides of control is well shaped and cut. It is not too big that it will take your much surface and not even it too small as it can take your bunch of accessories at the same time. There is hook on top so that you can keep it on height.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: You may contact us for any before purchase inquiry or any other complaints. We only process replacements and exchanges for within 1 month after product delivery.

It’s time to enjoy the moment rather than wasting it in finding stuff. This remote control holder surely helps you for an easy reach and will assemble your daily use item at a single place. It is made from high grade quality of Acrylic. Having 3 compartments with equal size, allows you to keep your all remotes. Also, it is best as office desk décor for holding your stationery and other important items. From big to mini supplies, this control holder will surely satisfy you. It is also available in varieties of colors and design. This remote control holder can be gifted to a messy friend, colleague, roommate or any other. It can also be used in family events and gathering. It is not too big or not even too small. For any inquiring or complaints, our customer service team is here to assist you fully.