12 Inches Chess Sets

This marble chess set is crafted from marble. Marble chess set is different from a standard chess set. The 12-inch chess set is a luxurious marble chess set it includes a 12 by 12-inch chessboard and has customized marble chess figures. These marble chess figures are crafted very beautifully which gives them a decent and elegant look. Marble chees sets are well known for their elegance and beauty.

Our marble chessboards are wide in size and sophisticatedly polished which enhances its look. This chess set is made of alternating squares combination of darker and lighter shades.  These sets are durable for a long you can display these marble chess set as a decorative pieces as well

This 12-inch marble chess set is perfect for those who want a mid-size chessboard that was easy to carry. These 12-inch marble chess sets are a good option for those who want to enjoy the game but have limited space. These chess sets can be used as gifting material to your loved one as it is a beautiful and precious gift or you can gift it to a chess lover or chess addict. You can showcase your marble chess sets in any corner of your home. 

A 12-inch chess set means the chess board dimension is 12 inches in height and 12-inch in width. The standard size of the chess board is 12-inch or 15-inch Radicaln provides both of them. It is also a good option for those with limited space but still want to enjoy the game of chess.