Checkers Set

Checker set is also known as checker set or draught, is a classic board game and is played millions of people across the world. Knowing the proper rules and strategies of checker set and is setup is important to enjoy the game to its fullest. It warm up the mood of people whether you are experienced or inexperienced player.

Checker set game is square board game. It is two player game who opposes each other across the board of 64 light and dark colored square. It provides perfect fusion of strategies tactics and fun.

Checker Setup: Follow these steps to set up a game of checkers.

  1. Checker board is placed in the center of the playing area. Ensure that the board orientation is correct. Each player has dark Colored Square in their right hand corner nearest to them.
  2. In checker setup each player start with 12 checker piece with specific black and white color. Place the pieces in dark Colored Square in three rows each holding four checkers, on the dark-colored squares.
  3. Allocate the checkers set in such a way that there are no vacant rows between the checkers. This creates a solid line of checkers in the board's center, ready for play.

Chess Checkers: Chess checker follows the strategies and rules of both chess and checker game. This traditional game of checker gives an exciting twist and fun by its unique blend.

In chess checker more advanced strategies is used by the player such as capturing multiple pieces in one move to promote checker to become king. Chess checkers can be played on a standard checkerboard or a specially constructed chess checkerboard that takes both the movement patterns of the chess pieces and the checkers into account.

A checker set is an engrossing board game that has captivated players for centuries. You will surely have hours of fun playing chess checkers if you comprehend the setup, explore the game, and develop your skills. Purchase a checker set right away to start your voyage of strategy, rivalry, and enjoyment.