15 Inches Chess Sets


A 15-inch marble chess set means the chess board is customized 15 by 15inch and it has customized marble chess figures. In a 15-inch chess set, there is a wide range of marble colors black and white, white and green, black and fossil coral, white and grey oceanic, black and golden, and white and black all these colors are available in the marble chess set. These chess sets are slighter bigger than 12-inch chess sets.  These chess sets are the most luxurious chess set with metallic chess figures and 15-inch chess boards are quite a good option for extensive players who are crazy chess lovers. Our large marble chess sets have eye-catching, huge pieces. Every piece, from the imposing king to the exquisitely crafted queen, is exquisitely proportioned to provide an eye-catching presence on the board In comparison to a 12-inch, a 15-inch marble chess set is 15 inches wide and 15 inches tall. The average glass marble has a diameter of about 13 mm. Its density is 2.7 g/cm3, giving it a weight of about 3 grams, or 1/10 of an imperial ounce if it were made of glass. A marble chess set is the most beautiful one that can be displayed as a showpiece or played in an international game.