Marble Chess Set

The chess set is the most popular and old game among the people. Chess is the game of mind, strategy, and the beauty of the ancient game of chess. It is more than just a board game. Due to its rich history and timelessly appeal, chess has the ability to transport the player into the world of brilliance tactical. Marble chess sets are ideal for home and office. These chess set gives you intellectual challenges and spends you’re a lot of hours in entertainment. These chess sets are designed beautifully. This set includes a marble chessboard and marble chess pieces. The marble chess set is famous for its natural beauty, unique veining patterns, and long-lasting, making it a superb choice for creating a luxurious and sophisticated chess set.

Why Choose Marble Chess Set

Marble chess is quite different from a normal chess set. And has many advantages of the marble chess set.

BEAUTY: The marble chess set is beautifully designed and has a unique veining pattern. Marble chess sets vary in different size and in many different colors. Every piece is different and has its own natural pattern and color. Its dark and lighter contrast brings a spark to its appearance which makes the marble chess set different from other chess sets.

DURABILITY: Mable chess sets are long-lasting as they are made with big rock marble which is a very durable material compared to wood plastic and metal. They stay with you for many generations carrying the same polish and the same look and feel.

HANDCRAFTED: Our marble chess set is beautifully handcrafted by the team of experts. A good chess set can easily be distinguished with the level of craftsmanship done on that chess set. Marble chess set is a sophisticated product that develops an interest in players to play and follow the legacy of royals. The fascinating design and color theme makes it more attractive. You can display these chess sets as decorative piece as well.