Marble Glass Collection

Traditional and stylish tequila shots glass is sure to be an innovative addition to home-in bar collection. Manufactured from the most excellent quality of onyx. These tequila set of two best suited for your formal gathering or dining table. It’s high time to raise your tequila glass and make your moment exceptional with your loved one. Confine all the smiles and bright faces. No doubt, these shot glasses will bring extra star to your wine experience and never comparable to any feel. These green color tequila salt glass comes in a safe and fragile packing to ensure your satisfaction and happiness. Extremely durable product and highly recommend to those who are seeking stable foundations. If you are not that fond of wines, well, these glasses are best for home décor too and also be presented as a creative gift to sincere wine lovers. They will surely adore it. These are perfect for party décor. Facilitate you for Christmas, wedding presents, bachelor parties, graduation happiness, groomsmen, retirement and much more.