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RADICALn 15 Inches Handmade Black and Golden Original Hand Crafted Marble Full Chess Game Set



               Black and Golden Marble Chess Set

A marvelous beauty to bestow you with, Radicaln brings you this exclusive black and a golden handmade marble chess set. This chess set is hand sculpted from the top quality natural marble, designed by experienced artisans and craftsmen and have been made under mammoth upkeep and proficiency to give it an outstanding exceptional look. The bold blend of black and golden colors not only gives it an erotic appeal but gives it an elegant hint of raw exoticism. The striking look of these fascinating 32 handcrafted chess figures takes this chess piece to another level in terms of exceptional artwork. Given an artistic appeal just by the usage of bare hands, the board, as well as all the chess figures, were mounted off with a pointer gloss to make them twinkle and glow, transforming simple chess set into a flawless and astonishing décor item. By making your game every bit of worthy and amusing, this chess set fulfills the promise of bringing you ultimate comfort, having a distinctive guise as well as an endearing nature. A perfect addition to your home or workplace décor, this artwork having a glittering shine and astounding style will receive a note of appreciation from all those visiting your home. Idyllic for all chess obsessives and accumulators, this game will bring an essence of delight and joy in your life.


The paradigm of utmost fine artwork, this chess holds a weight of 10kgs and has a 15x15 board size. A unique template of an absolutely handmade object, the king has a 3.5 inches size, making each chess figure outshine and prominent to its core. The remarkable contrast of the black boundary against the golden color, makes the chess piece outperform its look and show cast its finesse and immaculate elite nature. Brand packaged by Radicaln.


  • Prepared from an arresting combination of black and golden natural marbles
  • Board size 15L x 15W, 3.5 inches king size
  • Perfect for chess lovers and chess collectors.


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