RADICALn 15 Inches White and Black Chess Game Handmade Marble Chess Se

RADICALn 15 Inches White and Black Chess Game Handmade Marble Chess Set !!

Product Specifications:

  1. WHATS’s INSIDE: The Lavish Package of this Chess Game set comes with 1 chess board, 32 chess figures with 16 of each color.
  2. QUALITY: This chess set is fully handmade from high quality marble onyx. Chess Board & Chess Figures are fully hand polished.
  3. PACKAGING: The chess game set comes in a fragile and safe packaging with a letter of authenticity by RADICALn.
  4. SIZING: This chess board comes in 2 different sizes. 15”x15” and 12”x12”.
  5. ADDITIONAL FEATURE: This stylish and lavish chess set game can serve as a piece of décor in your drawing room or any part of your home or you can give it as a gift also to chess lovers on many occasions like Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Anniversaries or even in House Warming Parties.

Product Description:

Beautifully handcrafted with premium quality White and Black marble, these chess sets exude a royal charm with a Handcrafted beauty brought into life – Feel the royal style, an imperial enigma, this chess set brings out the finesse of luxury and opulence that can’t be ignored. If you enjoy the heavy feel of onyx chess set marble and pieces and want an aesthetic touch in your chess games, this is a perfect choice. It is an excellent playing option for indoor as well as outdoor use, and it doesn’t get affected by the moisture content of the environment. Whether it’s a breezy location or a day with high humidity, nothing can stop you from enjoying your game. The black and white chess pieces are discerningly handmade with the finest craftsmanship and showcase a high degree of precision in design and style. Mesmerize your guests with its majestic beauty and let them adore each and every chess piece and chessboard eminence that speaks of an imperial milieu, a setting that reverberates with a dignified glory; this luxurious chess set has it all. Best gift for fathers day or Mother day or any family occasion including birthday.

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