The name Onyx comes from a Greek word which refers to nail of a finger or claw. It is a mystical birthstone for the month of December and seems to be a stone mark of Zodiac sign of Leo. Onyx is also given on 7th and 10th wedding anniversary. Generally all colors from white to dark brown and also black are called onyx. Most of them are dyed to give it a proper color composition. Furthermore, it is treated with heat to bring out its color intensity and uniformity. If you are wondering, why onyx is so much discussed with its facts? It’s because our today’s blog is all about onyx products. This time our focus is not only on particular artifact but on numerous products so that most of our readers get benefited and people with different taste and choices get their own loved products which result in upgrading their collection of interiors.


This fully hand crafted marble chess set is a flawless combination of green onyx gemstone with natural white providing a decorative contrast. Chess is not only a game, for true players it is no less than war and winning a game is like a defeating opposite party and winning a battle. We thought to dual your dose of excitement by giving you a true emotionof competition. Even though you are playing it with your family or your gang, this chess set always brings out your inner soldier. It is made under the supervision of experienced personnel to make sure its quality and proper finishing however; it is available in multiple sizes as fits your need. We are confident; this chess set will be a valuable addition in your game zone.


Today is a time, where you wish to have some item in your possession and other moment it can be yours means in this advanced era, our imagination can change into reality. The personnel, who didn’t agree just have a look at this guitar shaped clock. It serves as a beautiful gift especially for guitarenthusiast and music lovers. The feature which makes me amazed is its deep design withgreencolor touch that can make next person stunned.It is available in variety of colors as suited to rest of yourinteriors. Marble onyx clock will surely increase the charm of your home as well as it will go perfectly with your offices and always leave a good impression on others.


Some one has very beautifully quoted “Chess is everything; art, science and sport.”
The point of chess game is not merely to win or to go by your time in case of boredom,it is more important to make your intellect strong and increase your ability to think vastly. Undoubtedly we are not going to compromise in your gaming experience and we make sure you remember it for a longer time. One thing that remains constant in chess game thatbuilt a desire to play again and again is your win and other is chess figure. This attractive and luxurious 32 hand crafted chess figures will definitely be attention seeker of your entire game. Color combination of white and green onyx will increase a charm of your amusement and it also serves as beautiful home decor and surely matches your home interiors. And at last those who say, they understand chess, understand nothing.


If you are one of those who really adore animal sculpture and likes owning a piece of original art, then surely your house is a most stunning place to live. World is full of beautiful nature and its biggest praise goes to animals too who are unique in their own way. We thought why not to give your house corner a look of cave where every creature may survive and if you are an animal lover what else you may seek for. Hand made marble onyx animal statue, without a doubt will be a valuable addition in your collection of home décor. One thing to note, color of each item may differ as marble is a natural rock. This fine piece of art is a day night effort of our experienced personnel and it comes under proper packing to ensure its safety and your satisfaction.


Woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries a woman.
Honestly this quote made my day because I know how important a shoe is for personality. First thing someone notices in next person is not clothes but its shoes. Similarly, I am pretty confident this clock shoe will steal lime light of your house and will be the centre of attention. Dear man, if your lady is upset from you, surprise her with this stunning item and let them know you care about her. A small present will make your relationship even stronger. It can also be a valuable addition to your office interior. Any lady who is shoe lover, this is all what you need for your home and office.


When life throws you lemons, have a glass of wine. It is there for you in toughest time and also in most exciting parts of celebrations. No matter whatever the occasion, it is always a good time for it. Have a cracking open and make it a memory! As we want to add extra stars in your moments, these green onyx wine glasses are especially made for wine lovers. Even though you are bundled in sweatpants and underneath a blanket or if you ready to walk a red carpet, an item that can adjust in your every mood and always give a pleasant feeling.The feature which makes me amazed is its fine crystal touch and unusual pattern.


Weekend is here, tired from all your daily routine work? Looking for quality time with family? Your entire wait is over. Take out your dominoes set from closet and have a blast. Generally, this is a game which improves your ability of strategically thinking as you are making opposite party persuading about their moves. There would be no perfect combination of enjoyment and skill improvement at a same time. A complete set of 28 dominoes will give you non stop fun and excitement. It will be a smooth count in your game collection. In addition, it serve as a best gift for a true gamer. This weekend, make your win and other loss memorable.


In this modern world, time in time we are amazed with the kind of creative products which are being introduced to the people for their home decor. Moving forward to offices, bosses always need something sweet and simple for their room. So all the bosses out there, have look at this astonishing Green Paper Weight. Wondering how this small piece can add beauty to your room? Well here is the answer. Paperweight is made for its sturdy and balanced weight and its beauty will easily catch the eye of any guest or hostess. The clock embedded in it is as smooth as anything, this clock on only allows you to keep a check on your time but also makes sure your important documents don’t get misplaced or fly off during gentle breeze.

The previous time has gone in which houses are only considered to live and survive. Now time has totally evolved and in today’s era, your house speaks about your taste and preferences. The above items are for those who consider home décor as a mandatory part just like grocery. Personnel who are game lovers and interested in home decors or who are true lovers of animals, all may get benefited. Make your house and offices, worth place to live and work. Action speaks louder than words, decorate your place and leave a good impression on others so they may get desire to come multiple times.

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