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Marble checkers, a captivating fusion of classic checkers and marbles, combines strategy and skills. This timeless game offers a delightful twist to the traditional checkers setup by integrating marbles into the gameplay. With its blend of tactical plans and rolling marbles, this game elevates the checkers experience to a new level of excitement.

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Game Setup and Equipment

The setup of marble checkers retains the essence of classic checkers, with a board divided into squares. Each player possesses a set of marbles, typically in contrasting colors, placed on the opposite ends of the board. The objective remains consistent with traditional checkers—to eliminate the opponent's marbles by strategic moves and jumps. Players take turns to move their marbles diagonally on the board, aiming to jump over and capture their opponent's marbles. This dynamic element requires a delicate balance between calculated tactics and adapting to the marble's unpredictable paths.


Benefits and Entertainment

Playing marble checkers goes beyond simple entertainment. It offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the game board:

  • Enhances Strategic Thinking: Marble checkers challenges you to think ahead, plan your moves, and anticipate your opponent's actions. This constant exercise strengthens your strategic thinking skills, applicable not only to games but also to real-life situations.
  • Improves Concentration: The focused nature of the game demands concentration and attention to detail. Regularly playing marble checkers can improve your ability to focus and maintain concentration for extended periods.
  • Sharpens Memory: Keeping track of the board state, your opponent's moves, and potential capture opportunities strengthens your memory and recall abilities.
  • Provides Social Interaction: Marble checkers is a fantastic game to enjoy with friends and family. It nurtures social interaction, friendly competition, and opportunities making it a perfect activity for gatherings and game nights. 

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Colors and Sizes 

Radicaln offers complete sets for 15-inch checkerboards in two variations: black and white checkers with board and white and black checkers with board. They also sell sets of red and coral (checkers pieces only) and green and white (checkers pieces only) if you already have a board. Each set includes 32 checkers pieces (16 of each color). Each checker's piece size is 1.25 inches in diameter. Separate felt bottoms packet for all checkers pieces.

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 "I love it! It looks so pretty on my table. This is a very solid piece. We don’t move it around. This is it’s home on our breakfast table. My son absolutely loves checkers and he is so impressed with this marble checkers set."


"Exactly what we were looking for to add to our homemade outdoor checkerboard.
These durable marble pieces are perfect."


"Well made, very attractive set of draughts or checkers. The optional set of foam pads to stick on the bottom of each piece is a nice feature. They arrived a few days ahead of schedule, which just happened to be our Wedding Anniversary, so they made the perfect gift for my husband!"


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Radicaln bring family and friends together for laughter and memories.  Spend holidays with these classic checkers! Order your game today and start planning weekend game nights filled with friendly competition and quality time. It's the perfect way to connect and celebrate with loved ones, making new memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Shopping!

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