Chess has commanded the excellence of being one of the best widespread strategy games within the world for centuries. Millions across the world, amateurs and seasoned professionals, gets pleasure from this classic board game. Contrary to what some consider, chess isn’t at all tough to learn. The principles are basic and so easy to grasp that even youngsters can get the hang of it, though mastery of the game solely comes with extensive playing expertise.

Nobody is 100 percent sure wherever chess originated, however its history goes at least 1,500 years back. Most believe its roots measure are in India, with some historians locating China as chess’ place of foundation. Where it came from, one factor is certain: it’s even as captivating to play nowadays as it ever was.

To play the game, you’ll want at least a chess set — no fancy bells and whistles square measure needed, as chess is more about the abilities of the player than the tools. However, people who are viewing to flex their skills with an expensive set will find no shortage of choices. Here are 10 most lavish chess sets ever designed. 

Bello Games Collezioni - Mancini Luxury Chess Set:

Bello Games Collezioni - Mancini Luxury Chess Set

This deluxe chess set illustrates luxury! This is a brilliant set of chessmen created by Italian artisans in Italy. This set is in itself a centerpiece. The parts are solid brass coated with 24K gold/silver with wood in between that is dipped in gold/silver to offer a unique appearance. There are various clear coats over the gold/silver so that they won’t tarnish therefore you do not have to be compelled to polish them. It is crafted of wood and Birdseye maple and is lined with a striking black onyx color on the border. There’s a high frame brushed with gold and silver for an inimitable and high shine finish. 

King Louis the Sun King Chessmen & Luxury Palazzo Chess set:

King Louis the Sun King Chessmen & Luxury Palazzo Chess set

It is hand crafted by Italian experts matching the museum replica color. Its detailing is been done by Italian artisans with keeping the shape of crushed alabaster from Italy. It gives a view of chessman from the base. Luxury checkers table from Italy. Hand refined Italian alabaster with separately decorated squares with a walnut frame and delightful edging corners.

3D Roman Gladiator Pewter Chess Set:

3D Roman Gladiator Pewter Chess Set

The remarkable 3D Roman Gladiator Pewter Chess Set is an exceptionally detailed set that incorporates heavy, historically exact pieces and a truly novel board. Every piece is carefully made from solid pewter to look like the courageous figures that dripped their blood to the sound of applause. Each corner highlights the rising columns and the disintegrating ruin of that surprising age, yet at the core of this base is a checkered glass surface where two contradicting forces will battle for glory. Staggering glass chessboard suspended over the Coliseum. Overwhelming pewter pieces in bronze and silver.

Metal Chess Set With Deluxe Wood Board:

Metal Chess Set With Deluxe Wood Board

Metal Staunton Chess collection Wooden Board. World Wide Imports has made a unique line of gaming items. With their broad learning of the gaming industry they have gotten items that make an incredible expansion to any home or family adore together.

Handmade Black and White Marble Chess Set:

Handmade Black and White Marble Chess Set

Hand shaped Chess marble set is one alluring masterpiece, containing 32 handmade chess figures enhanced by its creative carvings and etching design; giving it an eye satisfying and engaging look. in addition, the utilization of natural marble to develop this center piece gives it a general wonderful look while the definitive union of black and white colors, brings about this vibrant yet elegant game set which is idyllic not only for gaming purposes but also can be consumed as an arty décor item.

Street Warrior 25th Anniversary Chess Set:

Street Warrior 25th Anniversary Chess Set

The Street Warrior 25th Anniversary Chess Set Highly-definite silver and pewter-hued resin pieces. Each piece has its comparing traditional chess sign sculpted on the front and back of the platform for easy of play. Every chess piece stores suitably in its own defensive custom slot under the chess board when not showed.

Handmade Black and Golden Marble Chess Set:


Handmade Black and Golden Marble Chess Set

A marvelous beauty to bestow you with! This chess set is hand etched from the top quality natural marble, designed by experienced artisans and craftsmen. The valiant blend of black and golden colors not only gives it a stimulating appeal but gives it a chic hint of raw exoticism. The prominent look of these fascinating 32 hand crafted chess figures takes this chess piece to another level as far as an outstanding fine art is concerned.

Eaglemoss the Lord of the Rings chess set:

Eaglemoss the Lord of the Rings chess set

Collect the entire first set in the Lord of the rings chess collection comprises of 32 pieces. Perfectly detailed chess set is what you desire to have in your chess collection. This deluxe chess board provides you the ultimate pleasure of the game.

Handmade White and Green Onyx Marble Chess Set:

Handmade White and Green Onyx Marble Chess Set

Classic and well-designed do not even begin to describe this perfect hand sculpted white and green onyx marble chess set. The arty friezes and engraving layout of the 32 exclusive chess figures, gives birth to such an impressive master piece which is made up from natural marble rocks and processed with absolute bare hands to give it an edgy look as well as allows it to outdo other chess sets normally available. This center piece’s exquisite look not only allows you to enjoy your all the more fascinating and engaging chess game but also the vibrant yet bold colors of this chess piece makes it a perfect addition to your home or workplace as a chic décor item.

The Burnt Grand master Set of Chess Set:

The Burnt Grand master Set of Chess Set

The Burnt Grand master Series Chess set demonstrate the real beauty of the game. The Chess pieces are hand cut by our master artisans and made out of the top grade woods. The Chess pieces are intensely weighted with well-appointed billiard cloth base pads and a stunning finish. In the Burnt Grand master Series Chess, both the dim army and light army are shaped out of Boxwood. These Chessmen have been intended for those players searching for exceptionally well-crafted woody Chessmen at a very sensible price.


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