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The Functionality of an Egg Cup

An egg cup, a seemingly modest kitchen item, serves a fundamental purpose in safeguarding the delicate nature of eggs. This compact vessel is a solid protector, cradling the egg and preventing it from rolling astray. Its simplistic design features a concave surface, ensure stability and minimizing the risk of accidental cracks or breakage.

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Radicaln Elevate Your Dining Experiences

The presence of an egg cup elevates the dining experience, transforming the ordinary act of egg consumption into a visually appealing affair. Whether for soft-boiled, hard-boiled, or artistically crafted eggs, these holders showcase culinary creations with delicacy. Therefore, Radicaln offer natural Marble Egg Cups set of 2 for your elite experience. 


Easter Egg Magic

Easter brings vibrant energy and a playful spirit to our homes. And what better way to capture that essence than with decorative eggs. This charming display adds warmth, texture, and a touch of the unexpected to your Easter décor.

 Egg Poacher

Color Variation and Sizes

Stand out from the ordinary with Radicaln's egg cups set of 2, available in sleek white, elegant green, and sophisticated black. Choose the perfect color to match your kitchen décor or express your personal style. Measuring 2.3 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height. Their compact design makes them ideal for small kitchens or crowded countertops.

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The Perfect Gift:

Surprise your loved ones with a delightful and practical Egg Cup present. Radical n's egg cups are not only functional but also charmingly cute, sure to put a smile on anyone's face.



"They’re beautiful: well-made, simple and elegant, these egg cups would grace any table. They are easy to clean and they handled all sizes of boiled eggs. I tried large, extra large, and jumbo eggs and all nested perfectly. Highly recommended!!"

 "These luxury marble egg cups definitely leveled up my breakfast game! They look even better in person with their deep black stone marbled with swirls and shades of grey throughout. They have a high gloss finish to them. Using these, I felt like I was being served breakfast in a 5-star resort....... A certificate of authenticity was included and made me feel like the vendor stands behind this product. Very happy with these distinguished marble egg cups. Recommend!"

Order Now and Elevate Your Morning Ritual!

With their vibrant colors, practical size, and delightful charm, Radical n's egg cups are the perfect addition to any breakfast table. Order yours today and start enjoying your eggs in style!

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