Fruit is Nature's Candy- We Uplift Your Candies.

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Live life to the fullest, feeling fit and vibrant? Mother Nature has the perfect secret weapon: fruits! Bursting with color and flavor, they're more than just a treat – they're a gateway to a healthier you.

But sometimes, life gets in the way. Fruits get buried in the fridge, forgotten and neglected. They lose their freshness, their vibrancy, and their power to nourish. So, to assist you in this regards Radicaln brings elegant product at your door step. That is Mable Fruit Bowl.

 fancy bowl


The Marble Fruit Bowl

More than just a container, it's a constant reminder to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Its concave design supports your precious fruits, allowing them to breathe and stay perfectly ripe. No more hidden mushy surprises!

A Push Towards Wellness

Every bite from your fruit bowl is a vitamin and mineral explosion. Antioxidants and fiber join the party, fueling your body and mind naturally. It’s a grab and go product.

fancy bowl


Family Health Hub

Place this eye-catching masterpiece on your counter or dining table. Watch it become a magnet for healthy snacking, inspiring everyone to grab a piece of nature's goodness.


  • Delicious cookies for guests.
  • A vibrant centerpiece for your table.
  • Anything that sparks joy and healthy habits!

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Choose Your Perfect Match

  • Sleek and Simple: Its diameter is 10 inches and height is 3 inches, blends flawlessly with any décor.
  • Pedestal Fruit Bowl: Its diameter is 12 inches and height is 8 inches. It add a touch of sophistication and stability. Perfect for the statement-maker.

Available in four gorgeous colors (white, black, green, marinara). This beauty arrives safely packaged, ready to grace your home.

best fruit bowl

fancy fruit bowl


" I have never written a product review, but this marble is extremely note worthy. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces of marble I own. The price for the quality is phenomenal. If you are on the fence about this piece, just get it, you wont be disappointed. In todays world with a severe decline of quality goods; This company is obviously top-notch when it comes to what they do."

"Stunning! Using it on my coffee table with a few sparkling white decorative orbs. Absolutely love looking at it!"

"Great bowl Arriver without any damage, it will be on my table year round."


Order Your Marble Fruit Bowl Today!

Embrace the simple joy of fresh fruits, beautifully displayed and readily available. Click "Add to cart" and let the vibrant, healthy life begin!




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