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multipurpose bowl

In today's fast-paced world, we all want resourcefulness: one solution to handle multiple tasks. That's exactly where Radicaln shines with its multipurpose marble bowl. Don't let its concise size muddled you, this little wonder is a master of multitasking. Here are few suggestions how you can utilized this magic multitasking bowl at its best:


1- Shaving Bowl: Smoothing Partner

For a divine shaving experience, look no further than the marble bowl. Its smooth surface provides the perfect canvas for whipping up a luxurious lather. Start your day with confidence and comfort, knowing your shaving companion is with you. 

 shaving cream bowl

2- Snack Smart, Stay Healthy: Portion Control Perfection

Say goodbye to bottomless chip bags and unhealthy overindulgence. The marble bowl's compact size is ideal for portion-controlled snacking. Satisfy your cravings responsibly with nuts, fruits, or a small scoop of your favorite treat, all while maintaining a healthy balance.

 unique bowl


3- Impress Your Guests 

Hosting a gathering? Elevate your presentation with these cute and stylish bowls. Serve appetizers, desserts, or even ice cream with a touch of sophistication. Your guests will be charmed by the unique beauty of the marble and the thoughtfulness of individual servings.


 serving bowl

4- Kitchen Companion

Turn your marble bowl into a culinary friend. Drizzle sauces with accuracy, stir chopped vegetables with ease, or use it as a temporary resting place for ingredients. Its smooth surface is food-safe and easy to clean, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen collection.



5- Accessories Dish

Don't let the practicality end in the kitchen. This bowl doubles as a stylish storage solution for your favorite jewelry or trinkets. Rings, earrings, and small studs find a safe place, showcased beautifully as part of your decor. The natural elegance of the marble adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

 best portable bowl

 Colors and Sizes

Radicaln offer marble multipurpose bowl in White, Black, Green and Marinara. Its size is 4 inches in diameter and height is 3 inches. Its portable and easy to carry and usage is very convenient. 

marble portable bowl


"This is simply a fantastic and beautiful bowl. I ordered the Green Onyx which is stunning in quality and craftsmanship. My wife, after seeing it, suggested we use it as decorative piece in our living room! Great value for the money!"


"...once I saw this product I knew I could repurpose it because it looked so gorgeous! It’s a good size for jewelry or little knick knacks. The craftsmanship is beautiful, I’m a fan!"


Order Today!

Order your marble multipurpose bowl today from Radicaln and experience the convenience of having one item that does it all. Our friendly customer service team is always happy to answer any questions, so feel free to reach out.

Happy shopping and happy multi-tasking!


 best portable bowl


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