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The Marble Butter Dish: Story Teller for Generations

The butter dish, often lowered to the back of the refrigerator, can be so much more than a useful container. In the form of a carved marble masterpiece, it exceeds its origins and becomes an object of both beauty and practicality. A marble butter dish is a silent storyteller, whispering tales of grand dinners, cozy breakfasts, and generations gathered around a shared table.


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From Mine to Table:

The journey of a marble butter dish is as fascinating as its final form. Imagine the mighty slabs being mined from mountains, skilled artisans then shape and polish these rough blocks, charming out the hidden beauty within. Each carve, each touch of polish, is an evidence to human creativity and respect for natural materials.

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A Touch of Luxury:

In today's fast-paced world, where meals are often rushed and disposable, a Radicaln marble butter dish offers a welcome interval. It's a reminder to slow down, to taste the simple pleasures, to appreciate the beauty in everyday objects. It's a touch of luxury in the midst of the ordinary, a silent invitation to create moments of mindfulness and connection.

So, the next time you reach for butter, don't settle for the ordinary. Choose a marble dish, a timeless icon of culinary elegance. And as you spread that golden goodness on your toast, take a moment to appreciate the story your marble butter dish whispers, a story of mountains and artisans, of family and memories, of simple pleasures and enduring elegance.

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Colors and Sizes

Radicaln offers two variations in marble butter dish:

1- Butter Dish: White Butter Dish with White Knife (capacity 190ml)

2- Butter Keeper: Oceanic, Green butter keeper only (capacity 90 ml)

3- White Butter Keeper: White Butter Keeper with White Butter Knife  (capacity 90ml)

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"Most amazing little creation!!! We absolutely love this French style butter dish. It holds 1 stick of softened butter. You just leave it out on your counter and the butter stays fresh and soft. Definitely a great gift for yourself or someone else!"

"Love love love this! I’ve always randomly wanted a butter crock and couldn’t pass up this classic marble! Looks so cute sitting on my counter and now always have soft butter"


"I received my Butter Bell and could not wait to put the butter inside. My family came over that evening so i proudly showed then my new Butter 'dish'. None had even heard of a keeper like this. They all loved it and was so surprised to see how it worked. I had a question and when i asked i got a reply right away, they were so nice and easy to work with. They have many other items all make by hand out of marble i will be ordering more from them."


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Perfect Gifts - Order Today!

Skip the ordinary, gift extraordinary! Imagine savoring perfectly spreadable butter on fresh bread – our stunning butter crock makes it possible. This elegant yet affordable dish is the ideal housewarming gift, sure to impress your favorite foodie. Order now from Radicaln and bring smiles to the table! Our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Happy gifting!





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