Why Handmade Marble Décor Items, You Decide !!

Why Handmade Marble Décor Items, You Decide !!

The term "marble" originates from the Greek, marmaros, meaning "a snow white and spotless stone," marble can be found in a rainbow of colors. Nowhere is this more evident than in Islamic architecture, where intricately patterned mosaics prepared of marble, stone and glass are used as wall decorations. The use of marble in architecture ages back thousands of years to antique Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Capable of bearing immense weight, marble was ideally suited for monolithic columns and subsidiary structures in public, private, and religious buildings. 

Modern technologies have permitted home designers to take benefit of slab marble's beauty and elegance without being tense by its high cost. 

Decorating home office is a passion of every Women yet different types of home decorators are used. Normal home decor items are made from wood, glass, plastic and other various materials. On the other hand, marble decor items are made from diverse colors of marble i.e. onyx, ocean, coral, black etc. Here are some normal and marble home decor ideas which defines its major difference and value. Marble DIY decor items give original beauty to entire home and the one which appeal every person of any age.


When we talk about home interior decor items, the first thing that comes in our mind is the well-designed Writing Desk clock with a wooden case in a stylishly curved shape, with a satin gloss and a traditional Roman numeral clock face. This home decor design proves to be delightful addition to any desk or mantelpiece, the pleasant scroll additions are the perfect complement to traditionally designed interior.

However, the smooth and striking marble hand, needed the clock to be placed on top of it to make it an awe-inspiring piece of art. Decorated Beautifully with Onyx marble work, this clock is liked by anyone from the core at its very first sight. The distinctive type of desk clock has various vibrant colors; ocean, coral, black and white. This marble desk clock is flawless piece for home décor.

When you talk think about bringing enduring art into your home, what else could be the best choice than the startling two lovebirds blue crystal ornament. Every point is created by hand. Primarily from the crystal to its final shaping, all is manufactured by the very best artistes. Prettily detailed, the elegant lovebird’s ornament consist a smooth texture and graceful lines. The crystal sculpture proves to be the best gift idea for any special event.

Yet, erudite grace with a hint of raw exoticism defines Onyx desk and shelf clock with the Onyx ducks placed on both the sides and in the center lies the Onyx marble clock. The perfect creation people seek for which adds beauty to desk or shelf that might have been looked incomplete for some time. Unique and beautiful piece of art is designed by skilled craftsmen in order to add elegance to the room where it will be placed. 

The thing which adds generous talent to any game can be the 4 pieces dice set. Comprising four die in two sizes, this set is made from antiqued brass in an idyllic rich golden hue varnish with black dots. Motivated by the everlasting allure of gaming and magic, this set is designed with the most luxurious material.

While, superior marble set of 28 dominoes add a new dimension to your gaming. Crafted from original marble green onyx with creative design and black dots which gives complete shine and glow to your game. The set provides you endless fun and joy you will never experience before.

Wooden ship is an awe-inspiring replica of the legendary passant sailing ship which is creatively crafted from wood and cotton. The amazing fact of this ship is its detailing which has lifelike appearance. Any nautical collector or seaman will treasure this gift item.

Attractive scene speaks a lot about the sea and ocean, this hand crafted ship clock is a piece of work created by using onyx marble. Highly refined with a hint of elegance, this masterpiece makes it an exact décor item for your home or workplace. However, its exclusive qualities and distinctive look allows it to be gifted to anyone special with full confidence in the fact that they will absolutely adore it and will appreciate your choice.

The Glass which defines its class in its own way, Rejoice the ultimate style of this transparent champagne glass. Designed with pure handmade quality with superb clarity. The light refraction is caused by the minerals it is being made with which gives it a sparkle.  It also makes the glass to be sturdy enough to be spun very thin. These stylish, long-stemmed wine glasses increase the pleasure of drinking wine. This all makes it a great gift idea for your loves ones. 

Although, marble wine glasses are breathtaking chalices, made from bold yet astonishingly elegant black marble brings about an exceptional version of wine glasses. Hand crafted from natural marble, each wine glass has a unique portion of the marble making each goblet distinctive and elite in nature. These handmade wine glasses were made by our traditional artisans and craftsmen under immense care to bring about an exclusive artwork.  Not only will these glasses be a unique addition to your surroundings but will serve as a flawless décor item too.

Make a decadent parade in your home with superbly realistic detailing containing wrinkles across the skin, this statue is in the shape of an elephant twisting its trunk in the air. Every phase of the production process has been passed out by the professionals. In a rich grey shade, it is remarkable wherever placed.

While, signature marble home décor accessories are crafted from Pakistan’s most revered stone and marble. This grey onyx marble elephant is made from a natural rock, hence each showpiece of the same type will vary in color combination giving it a unique touch and making it quite exclusive not only from other similar showpiece items but also from each other. Utterly smooth and shiny, this master piece is perfect to decorate your home or workplace. Not only will you adore these beautifully hand sculpted marble elephant but also whoever visits your place will definitely be astonished by how flawless and magnificent it is a simple decoration item can be.


Delight your family and friends with this ornate gift hamper that consists of one wooden chess set that has a woody drawer beneath to store all players. It is accompanied by a stunning wooden coaster that helps in giving your home or office sites an astonishing make over. So gift it to men in your family on special events and show them how much you care for them. 

Though, a marvelous beauty to bestow you with, this exclusive black and golden handmade marble chess set. This chess set is hand sculpted from the top quality natural marble, designed by experienced artisans and craftsmen and have been made under mammoth upkeep and proficiency to give it an outstanding exceptional look. The striking look of these fascinating 32 hand crafted chess figures takes this chess piece to another level in terms of an exceptional artwork. By making your game every bit of worthy and amusing, this chess set fulfills the promise of bringing you ultimate comfort, having a distinctive guise as well as an endearing nature. A perfect addition to your home and workplace décor.


Have a look at this brilliant décor item which can be a perfect gift for your dear ones. This attractive violin shape metal guitar is especially deliberate for gifting in the auspicious occasion. This graceful guitar is precision fabricated from the superlative materials and then carefully coated to defend against corrosion. This lovely showpiece is all set to enhance home decor in a modish way.

Whilst, gorgeous onyx marble and the embedded clock together create a unique pair for all your decoration purposes. Sophisticated with a touch of elegance, this guitar clock is perfect for your home or work place décor. Expertly carved out of a natural rock marble, each splendid master work consist of impressive looks which is just striking. Delicate enough, this handmade guitar clock can be kept on the desk or shelf, but where ever it will be placed, it would just put an extra edge to the room and would be the center of attention as well as appreciation for all those who were lucky enough to come face to face with this showpiece. Available in five unique yet bold colors, the variety in this showpiece makes it very valuable. 

Add colors to your surrounding with our high quality, exquisite home décor items made from natural marbles thus having different segments of each rock making each master piece look diversified and distinctive.

 Incorporate these showpieces and marble clocks on your desks and shelves at home or work place to make your space outshine and look modern. Having utmost finesse and rare looks, our products are perfect to be used as a gift items and be cherished by anyone and everyone. Adorning your home can be an overwhelming business as the choices are literally endless. But that’s what also makes it so much amusing.

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