November 08, 2016


Chess isn’t only a game but an art form where phrases like “beautiful”, “elegant” and “artistic” can be used to describe a specific series of moves. The splendor of the game lies not just in its material properties— which include golden chessmen or lavishly jeweled gaming boards—but moreover in the game’s complexity. With over 10 to 120 possible chess game modifications, the game’s style also lies in its sense, geometry, and computation.

The history of chess goes earlier almost 1500 years. The game initiated in northern India in the 6th century AD. . In those days, chess was performed with dice. Throw of dice was used to decide which piece to move. The inventive name of that game and therefore of chess is Chaturang, then extent to Persia. The term checkmate comes from the Arab word 'Shah mat'. 'Shah' denotes the king. 'Mat' denotes loss. So 'Shah mat' denotes the king loses, and it is a true description for the Checkmate. Now a days, game of chess is the result of this development. Thus the history of the game is as exciting as the game itself.

To play the game, you’ll need at least a chess set — no fancy bells and whistles square measure needed, as chess is more about the abilities of the player than the tools. However, people who are viewing to flex their skills with an expensive set will find no shortage of choices. Here are eleven of the most lavish chess sets ever designed.

Selecting a gift can sometimes look like a terrible task, particularly if you really care about the person. Then you can definitely find yourself rotating ideas over and over again in your head. Various things may seems good but you keep inquiring yourself are they virtuous enough? So you start compare once again, few old ideas, few new ideas, and without observing time has soared away and you still can’t make the final decision. Here is something to guide you, if the person you are picking a gift for enjoys playing chess then here is a worthy direction for your gift ideas. Chess players are often very passionate about their desired game and that is why a chess present will surely cause joy.

Wrap up a Deluxe Chess Set for the special person on your list. The lovely details bring a sense of class to the game. The chess set is truly a work of art, by hand carved men, worthy of bestowing in your home.  




This deluxe chess set illustrates luxury! This is a brilliant set of chessmen created by Italian artisans in Italy. This set can become the centerpiece of any area. The parts are solid brass coated with 24K gold/silver with wood in between that is dipped in gold/silver to offer a unique appearance. There are various clear coats over the gold/silver so that they won’t tarnish therefore you do not have to be compelled to polish them. It’s crafted of wood and Birdseye maple and is lined with a striking black onyx color on the border. There’s a high frame brushed with gold and silver for an inimitable and high shine finish. It is a gift to show someone appreciation and honor. So appropriate for chess lovers!



The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of chess so this hand-made marble chess set are idyllic for admirers and chess enthusiasts who desires something unique in a traditional style. Every piece is hand carved. These marble sets must be left out on display as it is not only for gaming purposes but also used as an arty décor item.



Hand painted by Italian expert’s convincing museum replica color. Crafted of crushed alabaster from Italy with beautiful detail by Italian artisans. Chessmen view on a pedestal. Luxury checkers table from Italy. Hand refined Italian alabaster with separately inlaid squares with a walnut frame and delightful scalloped corners. It will also be a true surprise gift as this chess board is really unexpected. So you will leave a great influence and you’ll sincerely be remembered for this gift.



People wants perfect opportunities to present unique gifts to their loved ones. This 3D Roman Gladiator Pewter Chess Set is one to go for. An exceptionally detailed set that incorporates heavy, historically exact pieces and a truly novel board. Every piece is carefully made from solid pewter to look like the courageous figures that dripped their blood to the sound of applause. Each corner highlight rising columns and the disintegrating ruin of that surprising age, yet at the core of this base is a checkered glass surface where two contradicting forces will battle for glory. Staggering glass chessboard suspended over the Coliseum. Overwhelming pewter pieces in bronze and silver.



Your purpose in life is to use your talents and for that chess is the best gift. This unique genuine marble and onyx chess set display their own variegated colors, natural stone characteristics, and distinctive beauty.  Only the highest quality stone is selected for our decorative onyx chess board set. An absolute masterpiece in marble making it more striking and eye catchy. This center piece’s exquisite look not only allows you to enjoy your all the more interesting and engaging chess game but a flawless addition to your home or workplace as rustic yet chic décor item.



World Wise Imports has made a unique line of gaming items. With their broad learning of the gaming industry they have gotten items that make an incredible expansion to any home or family adore together. Really a brainy gift that any chess enthusiast will like.



The Street Warrior 25th Anniversary Chess Set Highly-definite silver and pewter-hued resin pieces. Each piece has its comparing traditional chess sign sculpted on the front and back of the platform for easy of play. Every chess piece stores suitably in its own defensive custom slot under the chess board when not showed. This gift may definitely turn out into the best exceptional gift a chess player could receive. Bring on the fun in the, sometimes very serious, game of chess!



Remember! There is no more expensive thing than a free gift than here is this chess set, hand etched from the top quality natural marble, designed by experienced artisans and craftsmen.  The valiant blend of black and golden colors not only gives it a stimulating appeal but gives it a chic hint of raw exoticism.



May no present be too small to give, nor too simple to accept, which is draped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. Collect the entire first set in the Lord of the rings chess collection comprises of 32 pieces. Perfectly detailed chess set is what you desire to have in your chess collection. This deluxe chess board provides you the ultimate pleasure of the game.



Classic and elegant do not even begin to describe this immaculate hand sculpted white and green onyx marble chess set. The arty friezes and etching layout of the 32 unique chess figures, gives birth to such a splendid master piece which is made up from natural marble rocks and processed with absolute bare hands to give it an edgy look as well as enable it to outdo other chess sets normally available. This center piece’s exquisite look not only allows you to enjoy your all the more interesting and engaging chess game but also the vibrant yet bold colors of this chess piece makes it a flawless addition to your home or workplace as a rustic yet chic décor item as every gift from your beloved is wish for your happiness.



Every perfect and good gift is the example of above “Grandmaster Chess set”, which demonstrate the real beauty of the game. The Chess pieces are hand cut by our master artisans and made out of the top grade woods. In the Burnt Grandmaster Series Chess, both the dim army and light army are shaped out of Boxwood. These Chessmen have been intended for those players searching for exceptionally well-crafted woody Chessmen at a very sensible price.


The Brainy gift that you can give to others is the gift of chess with unconditional love and acceptance.  Chess sets, including particular intentions are made of different materials like wood, plastic, metals, glass, marble, camel bone and pebble. In comparison, wooden and plastic chess sets are frequently used now-a-days. Woody chess sets are used both for ornament and play, whereas plastic sets are used mostly for games only. Due to the vast market for wooden chess sets, the materials alike metals, glass and marble are chiefly used for decorative sets. 



Take your gaming to the succeeding level with the royal game, the famous game of chess! This attractive chess set has been expertly designed with fabric lined drawers on every side of the board for suitable piece storage. The flawless size board for beginners and skilled players. The Staunton pieces are brilliantly crafted from excessive woods and feature a polished finish. All the pieces are simply stored inside the board for safe keeping and the best gift for smart person is a chess.



The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriation rather than its value. Staunton style chess figures in black and cream plastic are the ordinary in tournament chess, and are seamless combination of beauty and durability. It contains our solid plastic black and cream chess pieces king with two additional queens in the event you are a worthy enough player to indorse a pawn into an extra queen. Figures have green felted bases. Each set of chessmen is prepared of the best quality plastic and shows delicate design and workmanship. It is easy to take chess on the go, anytime, anywhere! The pieces have the similar design as the formal Play Magnus app and are weighted.



Raise your love for opulence and luxurious craft with this elegantly etched King-size Chess set. Made of the best grade aluminum, stainless steel and well-polished wood, this glittering vintage artifact not only assists as a leisure entity but an elegant home decor as well. Appealing as well as reflective in texture, this traditional enhancement elevates the style of your interior to an excessive level. Gift it to your associates or order it for your own, this radiant amusing game set serves as a splendid present for housewarmings and wedding occasions.



This hand carved Chess marble set is one striking masterpiece, giving it an eye pleasing and appealing look. Moreover, the utilization of natural marble to build up this center piece gives it an overall superb look while the decisive union of black and white colors, brings about this exciting yet elegant game set which is pleasant not only for gaming purposes but also can be consumed as an creative décor item.



Sturdy enough to play, yet stylish enough to show in your home, this stunning chess and checkers set derives with glass board with alternating frosted and pure squares and balancing chess and checker pieces.  Fabulous glass design with quality, ultimate and durable construction to ensure stability. Foam ends allow the board to sit firmly and prevent damage to the surface. Its size makes it idyllic for a decorative gift or for a chess beginner.



Collectible Chess set for Chess Devotees and going-to-be Grandmasters. All Pieces are created from Brass and have been engraved by hand individually. Chess Board is also hand carved and made of finest quality Brass. Apiece also has a weight in the base, which makes this an exact playable set and will assure your Chess Set stays secure and in one piece. As it can be perceived in the picture, Further Pieces are in proportion to King's Height. This set is brand new.



An exclusive chess set and board that can be consumed as chess for playing, as adorning item. Stone carving professionals of Rajasthan have tortuously carved the stone pieces. When not playing, the chess pieces can be safely kept inside the box. The inside of the box is prepared in sponge and satin fabric where each piece can be kept in the channel matching its own size. All in all, a solid, pleasant, and unique gift piece. Entirely functional chess set. Create an erudite centerpiece in your game area with this eye-catchy soapstone chess set.


Presently modern art gives the illustrator more freedom in technical execution as well as idea expression and arrangements of design features. There are no strict rules and duties the artists must stick to. Today we have gathered a list of the supreme fancy and stylish chess figures demonstrated by different designers. Few of them you can buy however they might cost you a trickle of loose diamonds. Some are in a single copy. Enjoy!



The DC Superhero and Super-villain chess pieces collector magazine carries your favorite DC Comics characters to life in a striking chess-piece collection. Now you can choose who wins the final battle between the World's Highest Super Heroes and the World's Dreadful Super-Villains with this unbelievable chess set featuring thornily shaped resin game pieces of, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Lex Luthor, The Joker, Cheetah, Sinestro, Black Manta and Reverse Flash that capture their appearances from DC Comics.



 Rio Staunton Chess Pieces are influenced pieces. Excellently crafted knights adds to the prettiness of these chess pieces and stability will last for years and years to arise. If you truly love chess, you deserve these chess figures. These chessmen are outstandingly crafted by our experts who have inborn this skill for so many years. From the flawless on the King to the tiny details of the knight's mane, these eye-catching Golden Rosewood wood and Boxwood pieces have green velvet pads on the bottom for safety.



This chess set is a delightfully detailed collectible engraved of solid hornbeam wood. Each chess piece is exclusively handcrafted. These Chess Pieces are a pleasure to have. Will go well with any sort of Chess Board. Intended to make your game more fascinating as well as impeccable for your home décor, superlative choice to gift your cherished ones.



Beautiful 32 hand crafted chess figures embellished by its artistic carvings and engraving design; giving it an eye pleasing and alluring look. Furthermore, the use of natural marble to build up this attention-grabbing piece gives it an overall wonderful look while the ultimate union of black and white colors, delivers about this elegant game set. Also, every chess figure is given ultimate delicacy and a rustic yet stylish guise by our specialists by hand crafting and hand treating each figure with enormous care to make it beat the other usual chess pieces and offer it a top nature. 



The valiant blend of black and golden colors not only gives it a stimulating appeal but offers it a graceful hint of raw exoticism. The remarkable look of these fascinating 32 hand shaped chess figures takes this chess piece to next level in terms of an excellent artwork. Given an artistic entreaty just by the usage of simple hands, the board as well as all the chess pieces were fixed off with a pointer gloss to make them sparkle and glow, altering a simple chess set in to a perfect and astonishing décor item. By making your game each bit of valuable and amusing, this chess set achieves the promise of bringing you ultimate luxury, having a unique guise as well as an appealing nature. 


So, even if you have decide to get a chess present, although you have pointed down the gift ideas, it still doesn’t mean you identify what to get. Possibly the very first hint that pops in your thoughts is to get a nice chess board. And you are right, here we have gathered all best gifts for chess lovers, expectantly you have some initial ideas on what to look for, and if in a rush, simply grab one of the listed products. Absolutely you will have a superlative gift for your adored one.










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