Marble Tray: A Touch of Luxury for Your Home

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Elegant and Versatile

In a world of brief trends, traditions hold a special charm. And what better way to uphold these traditions than with a touch of modern elegance? Radicaln presents a collection of exclusive trays crafted from high-quality natural marble, designed to elevate your serving experience and add a touch of sophistication to your home décor.


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Work of art, Colors and Shapes

Our marble trays are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, each one unique in its own way. The colors and textures creates a visual work that will transform your dining table, bathroom counter, or even your vanity area into a masterpiece of style.


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Whether you're serving guests, organizing your bathroom essentials, or adding a touch of style to your kitchen countertop, our marble trays are the perfect versatile companions. Use them to keep your seasonings within easy reach, display your jewelry or makeup with flair, or even as a decorative centerpiece.

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Shape and Size

Rectangle tray length is 12 inches, width 8 inches and height 1 inch. Square tray is 10 inches from all sides. Circle tray has a diameter of 10 inches. 


Secure Packaging

At Radicaln, we take pride in ensuring that your order arrives in unspoiled condition. Our secure packaging ensures that your marble tray reaches you in perfect condition, ready to grace your home with its timeless beauty.


"I love this marble tray & i m using as a piece of decor! It is extremely well made & has some weight to it! It comes in a perfect size at 10 inch width x length. I have this in my restroom & have candles & other items laid out on it & it adds such an elegance to the room! I absolutely love that you can use it for anything your imagination leads you to! It’s worth the money, it’s of quality, durable, & sturdy!!! I highly recommend it!!"

 "This is a solid piece. I use it in my bathroom with my marble hand soap, marble cotton ball holder, and marble lotion container. They all look great together. It wipes down easy - my toddler constantly dribbles soap on it."


 Order Yours Today

Don't let this opportunity to slip away. Order your favorite color and shape today and let the magic of marble transform your living space.

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