When it comes to kitchen gadgets and accessories, there are few items as charming and functional as a French butter keeper. And when that butter keeper is made of marble and handmade, you've got a piece of home décor that doubles as a practical kitchen storage solution.

The Rocket Science behind this particular butter keeper lies in its design. The crock is designed to hold water, which creates an airtight seal around the butter dish when the lid is placed on top. This means that your butter stays fresh and spreadable without the need for refrigeration.

The handmade marble used to create this butter keeper adds a touch of farmhouse décor to your kitchen. The white color of the marble is a perfect match for any kitchen décor and its not-too-heavy weight makes it easy to move around or take with you on picnics and outdoor gatherings.

Using this butter keeper is a breeze. Simply fill the lid space with butter and the crock with water. For best results, keep the butter pot in a cool location out of sunlight. The size of the crock is perfect for holding a standard stick of butter, and the lid ensures that the butter stays fresh and spreadable for up to a week.

Cleaning the butter keeper is just as easy as using it. All it requires is a soft cloth and water to clean the butter keeper to avoid any scratches. Plus, the included lid ensures that any dust or debris stays out of your butter.

Overall, this butter keeper is a must-have for any kitchen set. It not only adds a touch of elegance to your countertop but also helps you store your butter in a way that keeps it fresh and spreadable without the need for refrigeration. And with its farmhouse-style design, it's a perfect addition to any kitchen décor.

So, if you're looking for a butter dish with lid for countertop use, a kitchen container for your spreadable butter, or just a butter holder or container that is both functional and beautiful, this handmade marble butter keeper is the perfect solution.


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